DevOps – SRE – Platform Engineering

Growing voices are saying DevOps is Dead. At the same time, the search for Platform Engineers seems to be picking up. And I am sure we all came across organisations harbouring talented Service Reliability Engineers. So what is going on? I have been reading articles on my feeds, such as , or podcasts that mention Devs […]

An excellent Battery Status for your Ubuntu Laptop (not exclusively)

I recently revived one of my older MacBooks ( an early 2013 13″ pro ) by installing Ubuntu 20.04 to it. We are dealing with an older laptop, still running on its original battery; because of that, I decided to look for a terminal program that would provide me with the kind of information I […]

csshX not working on Monterey?

There is a Simple solution: All you have to do is edit the file: /usr/local/bin/csshX And Replace#!/usr/bin/perlwith#!/usr/bin/perl5.18 The issue is that csshX does not work with later versions of Perl. macOS Monterey has Perl 5.30 as the default when you call Perl on your Shebang line. But you can invoke 5.18, and your cluster ssh […]

A bit of thought about RAID

I was often confronted with people’s assumptions about RAID arrays in past job roles. Thinking of those conversations, I decided to write a small and human-readable (I believe) article about this. Let’s start by explaining what Hardware RAID is. A RAID array-based in hardware requires a controller (AKA RAID Controller) physically installed in the system. […]

RAID levels

RAID 0 (also known as striping) RAID 0 will use any number of disks and merge them, creating one large logical volume. They are usually used to achieve high speeds. Such is possible because reading and writing happen from multiple disks simultaneously. However, this has a cost. RAID 0 does not offer redundancy at all. […]

Working Remotely, an honest opinion

Note: I originally wrote this article in 2017. I have been acquainted with working remotely since about 2005. I have to admit that even considering that today is a big trend in my job line, in the past, people who arrived at the knowledge I was working from home found it somewhat strange. Their feelings ranged […]